So which interior paint finish should you choose for your woodwork – gloss, satin or eggshell?

Each, of course, has its advantages and disadvantages.  Here’s a quick summary:

•    Gloss – this will give you a high sheen that is almost reflective.  It used to be the number one choice because it is incredibly hardwearing.  However, there have been great advances in paint technology in recent years and satin is much improved.  A disadvantage of gloss is that it does tend to highlight any imperfections in the woodwork.

•    Satinwood – this type of finish treads the middle path.  It is neither as shiny as gloss nor as flat as an eggshell finish.  Satin is less reflective and is recognised as a more modern finish than gloss.  It really does give larger surfaces, such as doors, a good clean, crisp look.

•    Eggshell – this finish is virtually matte with no reflective qualities at all.  It is the preferred choice for the largest of wood surfaces.  Incidentally, it is a fantastic finish for old wooden furniture, such as kitchen cabinets or wardrobes.

Whatever you decide for your painting finish, why not let me provide you with a quote, without obligation.  You can be assured of a speedy, professional job, whatever the specification.

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