Or perhaps that should be the new cream or beige, as I’ve noticed grey has become a fashionable colour choice for interior design and decorating. Grey can give a room depth and sophistication, as well as complimenting a variety of strong colours. It works beautifully in both modern and traditional homes and acts as a classic base shade for more adventurous colours.

If you’re a fan of pastels, then pastel greys with soft colours, muted whites and warm neutrals may appeal to you. To give an especially sophisticated yet simple look, you can accessorise with pale wooden furniture and flooring, such as ash, beech or maple.

You could create a striking, art deco styled room by combining greys with black and white. Imagine designing your own black and white movie set! With a variety of grey shades you can recreate it.

Lots of different hues are available, from pale, almost white to very dark. A grey living room looks both formal and stylish. As grey is not a very dynamic colour it is ideal to use with focal points in your room. For example, a zebra or brightly coloured rug would make a great feature for a grey living room design. Also consider patterned or strongly coloured curtains, cushions and throws, perhaps combined with a classic dark grey sofa.

When considering which colours work well with grey in either the living room or bedroom, the answer is more or less anything! Blues and yellows are popular combination choices but grey also acts as a good base for more striking colours, such as purple, pink and red.

If you are looking to give your kitchen or bathroom a lift, grey is another good choice. Grey coloured tiled floors or walls go especially well with stainless steel and white to give either a modern or even traditional feel.

So, if you are thinking of redecorating a room or two this spring, forgo boring beige or cream and opt for elegant grey instead.

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