Often I am asked to help with choosing colour schemes for rooms. In my book the customer is always right, although some are more right than others!

Here is a brief guide to what colours suit which rooms best:

• Blue – this is recognised as a calming colour, perhaps promoting intellectual thought. As such it is ideal for a bedroom, bathroom, office or study. It can give a room a cold feel though.

• Yellow – gives the impression of sunshine and energy. Good for a kitchen, dining room or any north-facing room. It is sometimes thought to aggravate emotional distress and is not usual for a bedroom.

• Lilac – often used to help spiritual inspiration. You can use it to create stress free environments ideally in a bedroom or bathroom.

• Green – obvious associations with nature and balance. Green is a great colour to use in a bedroom or living room. Too much green is thought to lead to people feeling complacent, however.

• Orange – suggests warmth in a room. It is ideal for a living room or dining area but unsuitable for bedrooms. It also has a tendency to make a room look smaller than it is.

• Pink – very much a personal taste, pink can suggest love and romance. As such, it can give a bedroom a sensual feel. Be careful not to overdo it as it can become too sweet and sickly.

• Red, purple and black – really not my favourites but popular with teenagers! Although the aim may be for something dramatic in a bedroom or living area, the results are often overpowering and headache inducing.

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