As you are no doubt aware Father’s Day is almost upon us. I spotted an interesting survey carried out by the MyBuilder website asking Dads what they actually wanted as a present for their special day.

Now, I know that many people have an image of Dad as a DIY expert desperate to find things around the house and garden just waiting to be fixed. Sorry to disappoint, but most Dads just aren’t as into DIY as much as you might think.

Not only that, but when offered the option of a brand new set of tools as a Father’s Day present two thirds said they would turn it down. Much more relaxing options were picked with the top choice – you might want to note – a nice meal at a top restaurant.

In fact over a quarter of Dads asked said their DIY efforts ended in disaster.

Proof yet again that it is best to leave all DIY projects to the experts who know what they are doing and enjoy the work.

If you need some painting or decorating done give me a call on 01452 540067 and make Dad’s day perfect.