When you hire professionals to conduct painting and decorating jobs in your home, you expect a certain level of quality, and what you will also expect is not to see the mistakes we’re going to go over here! We feel it’s important for you to be able to identify the most common signs of a poor interior paint job so that you know to avoid them in the future. At CAL Decorators we operate with a level of professionalism that ensures we never make any of the mistakes listed here, but we are fully aware that they do exist!

Lack of wall preparation

In order for a paint job to be as successful as possible, the wall that is used for the job must be as clean as possible and mostly free from any damage. Before applying the paint, a professional will prepare the wall that needs to be painted by firstly repairing any minor flaws such as cracks or small dents. This usually involves the removal of any old paint when it is necessary or sanding over older paint so that the new paint will stick to the wall. A painter will then thoroughly clean and rinse off the wall, allowing it to dry.

Lack of room preparation

A professional will ask you to move your furniture away from any wall that needs painting. Drop cloths should be supplied by the professional to cover any furniture and remove any light fixtures that might get in the way. If a room has already been painted, any streaks of wall paint that appear on outlet covers or window frames are typically tell-tale signs of poor interior design work.

Wrong paint for the wall

A truly professional interior designer will take the time needed to help their clients in choosing the right finishes and colours for each room. They might provide recommendations for what they think works best. If a professional does not provide this guidance, a homeowner could be left taking a best guess at what paint is to be used, and the choice may not be an accurate one.

New paint job appears discoloured, faded, or damages easily

These problems would suggest that the painter has used only a single coat of paint when they should have utilised two or even more. While there are some paints which provide solid coverage on lighter walls with just a single coat, those tend to be the exception. For most walls, you will need two or possibly three coats of paint. One coat by itself will lack the vibrancy that is needed for most jobs, and might let the older paint underneath quite clearly show through, failing to cover any irregularities that might appear on the surface of the wall.

If you find that when you gently sponge off dirt sitting on the wall paint comes off, it’s highly likely that the painter has only applied one coat of paint.

CAL decorators have been carrying out high quality work in Gloucestershire since 2001. We pride ourselves on providing a friendly but professional service, with attention to detail and complete customer satisfaction our priorities on all of our projects. We understand that your regular daily life must go on during the decorating process, so we ensure we have thoroughly cleaned up at the end of each day’s work.

We also understand that you expect us to work in a timely and efficient manner. Unlike some firms, you wion’t find us nipping off halfway through your project to complete a job for somebody else. If you’d like to know more about how we can help you complete a professional, high-quality paint job then take a look at our website or give us a call on 01452 540067.