I have mentioned before that I am a great fan of the Farrow & Ball range of paints.  This month I thought I’d tell you a bit about the history of the company and why I think their products are so good.

John Farrow and Richard Ball first met when they working in a clay pit in Dorset.  They soon realised they had similar ideas and proceeded to form the company in 1946.

Bucking the trends of the industry from day one, they abandoned acrylic paints and went back to traditional methods of paint making using natural minerals with high levels of pigments that they still use today.

During the 1950s Farrow & Ball won some notable contracts including supplying paint to the Ford factories in Dagenham and Liverpool, Raleigh bicycles and even the Admiralty and the War Office.  By the end of the 60s John and Richard were less involved in the business and sold to Bakers.  A fire destroyed their original factory and the company moved to its present premises in Wimborne.
Although firmly committed to traditional methods of production, Farrow & Ball are also aware of the eco requirements of the modern world.  In 2010 they moved their entire range of paints away from oil based to water based finishes, ensuring a low or minimal VOC (volatile organic compounds ) content.

Above all else, the Farrow & Ball brand stands for quality and that’s why I use their products time and again.

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