I was very interested to read the results of a recent survey which found what I have always maintained – good workmen value their reputation for good service over the money they receive for a job.

Last month Dulux Trade published the results of a survey of 500 decorators across the UK.  It looked at a variety of issues relevant to the industry, including time management, training and the value of reputation.

Over one third of the respondents (37%) said that they put doing a good job above maximising profit (7%) or finishing a job quickly (8%).  52% confirmed that they had worked outside their normal working hours to get an urgent job finished.

Training held great importance according to the survey’s results.  78% said they had received professional training and that making these credentials clear to their clients was of importance.  Three out of ten respondents said they invested in training for their employees to maintain their company’s reputation.

Using the correct products and tools for a job also rated highly.  Nearly half said using high quality paint was crucial for achieving the best finish.  In addition, 30% said they had persuaded a client to upgrade to achieve a better result.

The survey also highlighted problems encountered by the trade.  11% were annoyed by their customer’s assumption that they used poor quality paint to keep the costs of a job down.  The biggest problem they encountered were clients who paid late.

I have to say that this pretty much sums up my own feelings about the job.

Merry Christmas to you all from the team and myself.