When it comes to office design, how you decorate your office can have a big impact. Not only can it affect the productivity of your team, it can also influence your brand image and how visitors view you as a business. Giving your office a fresh look can improve its appearance, enhance your image and help with employee morale. Here are a few tips that can help you get it right when designing your new look.

Use Branding in Your Office Design

Before you get too involved with deciding which paint to use and artwork to hang up, you should consider how you can use your branding in this office refresh. Of course, the industry your business is in will affect how you may want to use your branding in your office design. For example, if you are an accountant you may just want to use your nameplate in the entrance and potentially brand-coloured chairs. On the other hand, if you’re in one of the creative industries you may want to push it further with a painted feature wall and eye-catching artwork. You will also want to take this into consideration when deciding on your colour palette. For example, if your brand colour is blue, try to fit this in with your décor and maybe consider accenting with a complementary colour such as yellow.

Consider Colour Psychology

When choosing your colour palette, colour psychology may influence your decision. It is a highly regarded theory that different colours can provoke certain emotions for a high number of people. Although different colours may have varying meanings for everyone, as a general rule the following colour chart from UserTesting can be followed.


For a more in-depth look at how different colours and hues can affect emotion, Canva has created this really useful tool that allows you to explore them a bit more.

Keep Lighting in Mind

As with any decorating project, lighting is a key factor. It’s one thing you shouldn’t forget about because it can have a huge impact on productivity and general health. As a general rule, you should try to use as much natural light as possible. We know that this isn’t always easy, in which case it’s vital to ensure that employees have enough lighting to work under. This will help them work better and will also avoid eye strain which can affect their health. But when it comes to incorporating lighting into your office design, you don’t have to stick to just boring strip lights. You could consider wall lights or decorative desk lamps.

Minimal Office Design is Best

No matter which part of your office you are redecorating, you should try to keep things minimal.  A cluttered office can give the impression of disorganisation. If you do have a lot of things that are essential to your work, utilise stylish yet simple storage solutions to keep things out of sight. Doing this will have your office looking clean and tidy.

Stay Efficient

When refreshing your office design, you will want to keep in mind how it will impact your work. If you will be undertaking the work yourself, consider doing it on a weekend, or after hours and make an event of it. Getting the whole team involved can turn it into a great team-building exercise.

However, at CAL Decorators we understand how much hard work redecorating your office can be. That’s why we offer our services to commercial clients too! We always take into account how our work will impact your business and aim to cause as little disruption as possible. We also strive to ensure we create a positive atmosphere and we’ll discuss the project with you every step of the way to make sure everything is perfect for you.

If you’re considering refreshing your office design, why not check our Commercial services? You can also see what we can do in our Portfolio. If you have any questions at all, you can use our online contact form or call us on 01452 540067.