I am always interested to read about home owners reactions to tradesmen such as myself. However, the results of a recent survey by Powered Now (an app used by tradespeople) turned up a category of client that I have so far been fortunate to avoid – rogue customers!

Everyone has heard the horror stories in the press and on the television about rogue traders leaving work half done or charging exorbitantly for their services.

This survey revealed that 4% (1 in 25) of house owners considered themselves to be rogue customers. Their ‘crimes’ include missing appointments, deliberately making late payments or even not paying money that was rightfully owed.

The survey also highlighted some of the biggest complaints home owners have when dealing with tradespeople. A whopping 83% said they had been let down by people not turning up for appointments. 75% felt it was too difficult to obtain an estimate or quote if someone had actually turned up. A further 76% were disappointed to find that the resulting bill was for more than the figure estimated.

One thing I pride myself on is turning up when I say I will. I cannot understand people who don’t. I will also always supply a written quotation and any possible increases in price will be discussed with the client.

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