According to Country Living Magazine, there are 7 emerging key colour trends for 2022 coming through in terms of decorating our homes in the coming months.  Key colour trends for 2022 are set against a backdrop of the last 2 years of uncertainty during the Covid-19 pandemic, where we all appreciated our homes and outside space more.

From calming neutrals, apparently ‘countering the turbulence of the pandemic’ to cheerful and hopeful for the future colours all make up the 7 key colour trends for 2022.

Farrow and Ball, Dulux and Benjamin Moore have all unveiled their predictions of colour trends for 2022.

Dulux predict that shades of blue that resemble bright skies are going to trend in 2022.  The reasoning behind this is that people have become more in tune with nature over the past 2 years and we want to replicate it in our homes.  Their ‘bright skies’ shade of blue is ‘hopeful, airy and fresh’.  They’re predicting that ceilings will be coloured in 2022, to represent the optimism that blue skies, freshness and nature bring.

Farrow and Ball are predicting that Sunny Yellow shades are going to be a big trend this year, with shades reminiscent of subdued sunshine, buttery yellows which can brighten a space that has limited natural light.

Benjamin Moore predict gentle greens as being key this year.

All of these predictions come from an understanding that consumers are looking to decorate their homes with the hues of nature evoking colours.

Here are the top 7 key colour trends for 2022

1.  Sunny Yellows

Evoking thoughts of summer days, bright or subdued, yellow will feature heavily in our homes.  It’s a particularly good choice for large spaces where a feature wall will warm up the room and become a focal point of freshness.

2.  School House Whites

This is going to be THE key neutral colour for 2022.  It’s been designed to look how brilliant white would look in a shaded area.  A muted shade of white that’s timeless but comforting and reminiscent of times gone by.  It’s also a brilliant colour to team with any other brighter colour that’s being used as a focal point in any room.

3.  Bright Sky Blues

Fresh and airy, uplifting and light, these shades will be a ‘game changer’ when used on ceilings.  They’ll make the ceiling simply ‘melt away’, according to Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director of Dulux. For those craving freedom, expansion and a return to nature, this could be the perfect choice.

4.  Breakfast Room Greens

The softer shades of green, sage inspired will reflect the natural world around us – something that we’ve all become more familiar with over the past 2 years.  Muted, comfortable and calming, it will help us relax and keep grounded in this turbulent world in which we live.

5. Incarnadine Reds

Dulled off reds are a key colour trend for 2022 too!  Not the bright, garish reds, but the more subdued shades of days gone by.  Luxurious in their hue they can often capture the spirit of the Mediterranean or of a bygone era with rustic touches of gold.

6.  October Mist Greens

The palest of green hues, almost soft green-grey will be used as a foundation colour, encouraging a reconnection with nature.  Soft and subtle in hue, it evokes calm, particularly when teamed with bright skies blues or school house whites.

7.  Stone Blues

Bringing a bit of vintage to the home in 2022, Farrow and Ball predict that this shade will sit alongside the brighter blues as one of the biggest key colour trends for 2022.

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