Your staircase is a necessity in your home which often means it gets overlooked. It is an access point that is purely there for getting you from one floor to the other.

day to day use of your staircase can leave it looking unappealing. Scratched railings, broken spindles and worn steps are a real eye-sore especially when too often or not, the stairs are located by your front door and are the first thing you see.

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We thoroughly enjoy the project we take on and it makes us even happier to see how pleased our customers are with the results we have produced.

Many of our customers choose to update their staircases’ to have them looking fresh and in keeping with the rest of their home.

With this in mind, here is how you can transform your staircase.


1. Repaint and restyle your staircase.

One of the first ways in which you can transform your staircase is by taking it back to basics. A fresh lick of paint is always a great option.

The most important step prior to painting is the removal of build-up. The railing tends to collect dirt from hands, clean this off and any other marks. Then it’s time for the sanding, priming, painting and finishing.

You can opt for traditional white paint or you could go for something a bit different. If you would like a more natural alternative, why not leave it as exposed varnished wood?

You may also even choose to change the spindles. If you are looking for a more modern look, replace wooden spindles with glass panels. The choice is endless when it comes to spindle styles, we are sure you will find one that you love and that fits in with your home!


2. Apply a runner to your staircase.

If you would like to add an element of comfort to your new stairs, why not add a runner? They are brilliant at preventing the wearing of paint on the stairs. Runners are also a great alternative for family homes, where good quality anti-slip carpet can be applied and prevent accidents.

Why not choose to add runner rods to create some flair! These came about in the 18th Century but most certainly do not have to add a dated period effect to your home. With the vast amount of choice, you are very likely to find a staircase rod of your choice.

You may opt to carpet your entire staircases’ steps… this works well too. Carpeted staircases are also easy to maintain and with the right carpet, can withstand many years of wear.


3. Utilise the space beneath your staircase.

Your staircase can often take up a large majority of your space. That is why it is worth looking at whether you can utilise the space beneath your staircase. It may be a storage room, or you may notice there isn’t anything underneath at all. With most staircases, this space can be created and utilised.

These spaces can be transformed into useful desk spaces, pet shelters and utility areas.

Whether you would like a storage space for shoes, keys and coats, or something more exciting. We at CAL Decorators can achieve anything you ask of us.


4. Remodel and move your staircase.

Of course, you may decide that the placement of your staircase is not suitable for your needs. This would require a lot of work to remove, replace and correct however, it may be the last resort for achieving your desired transformation.

This type of change would most certainly take a lot more time and planning than the other steps.


Here at CAL Decorators our friendly and experienced team are always happy to help. If you are looking to transform your staircase then please, do not hesitate to get in contact with us to see how we can help.