With many people spending the vast majority of their time this year confined to the home, 2020 has been a year of decorating. This has allowed for a range of creative, colourful and interesting trends to occur in the decorating and home-wear industry this year.

Nature in the home

With us being confined to the indoors, why not bring the outdoors in? 2020 has allowed people to embrace nature within the home. using sustainable materials, natural colours, wood, plants and more, there has been a boom in naturalistic and bohemian design.


See the world in colour

In a world that is seemingly dreary, come rain or shine having bright colours in the home can really lift your spirits! Pantone chose classic blue is the colour of 2020, which they may be some-what reflecting our mood about the events of this year, it is a beautiful, rich colour that goes with everything. Adding elegance and brightness into your home! They have even put together a range of colour palette suggestions that we can implement in your home!

Multi functionality

With many homes having limited number of rooms and space, multi functionality in furniture and home design is innovative. It’s more than a trend, it is a necessity, we all value having space and storage!

Sensory Design

Your home is in just about how it looks, but also how it feels. Utilising potpourri, candles and incense can allow your nervous system to relax and unwind, with soft furnishings to touch and interesting colours and sights. Sensory design is a BIG trend!