I do like to do a thorough job when I am painting a room.  It makes for a professional finish and can save money for you, the customer, in the long run.

Here are just a few of the ‘extras’ I provide:

•    Door handles and window catches.  Wherever possible I will remove door handles and window catches prior to painting.  I don’t think anything looks much worse than a paint-spattered window catch.  The same goes for light switches and sockets.

•    External door edges.  If you have a front or back external door which constantly jams or scrapes, take a look at the edges.  I would bet that they have been left unpainted and are bare timber.  This exposure allows moisture to penetrate and the door will then shrink or swell.  Unfortunately, although I can paint the edges and ease doors, the damage already done may be irreparable.

•    Tops of door frames.  In most cases it is perfectly acceptable to leave the tops of internal door frames unpainted.  However, there are instances where they will be visible, such as from a higher level from the stairs or the tops of short doors such as an under stairs cupboard.  In these circumstances I always make sure I have painted the tops.

I believe it is worth going the extra mile to make the job perfect and expect most professional painters would agree with me.
If you would like a free quotation without obligation for any decorating or painting work then give me a call on 01452 540067 or 07765 881767.  Take a look around our website to give some idea of what I can do.