I know that Spring is traditionally the time to think about redecorating but this year don’t forget your kids. Don’t they deserve a special nursery, bedroom or playroom?

These days it is very easy to theme a room to meet the dreams of a child. There are plenty of themed wallpapers to select from as well as murals and posters.

Amongst the themes to choose from are:

• Disney characters
• Pirates
• Animals
• Unicorns
• Mermaid’s Grotto
• Dinosaur Den
• Football Field
• Jungle Safari
• Underwater Adventures
• Trip to Outer Space

The range of different beds you can buy is truly astonishing ranging from a carriage for a princess to a racing car and bunk beds looking like a London double decker bus! The range of ideas available is really only limited to yours and your child’s imaginations.

The look of delight when a child first sees their newly decorated room is hard to beat.

So if you are in the Gloucester area and would like a quotation for completely redecorating a child’s nursery, bedroom or playroom, give me a call on 01452 540067.