It is a damp, dismal day out there, just the type to get your exterior paintwork peeling!

There can be a number of reasons why your paint is peeling, including environmental problems and living in areas with high humidity and rainfall. The problem is easily identified, however, and equally easily rectified.

The usual reason for peeling external paintwork is that moisture has got in behind the paint. The reason may be a leaking roof or guttering or there may be that the sealant known as caulk has been poorly applied or even not applied at all. The obvious remedy is to replace the guttering and apply new caulking.

If the peeling paintwork is at or near ground level, there may be a drainage problem that needs investigating. You may even see water pooling, perhaps around a drain, which would indicate a blockage that requires attention.

An alternative reason may be the paint itself. It may be that the painting was carried out over a poorly prepared surface or applied when the surface was not sufficiently dry. A proper primer needs to be used to enable the paint to bond easily with the surface. It may even be that poor quality paint was used.

If your external paintwork is suffering, why not call in an expert to sort it out? I am always happy to provide a free quotation and can provide plenty of references from satisfied customers. You can rest assured that I will not skimp on the prep and will use the best quality materials, such as high-quality acrylic latex blend paint.

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