Stainless steel has proved to be a real boon to kitchen design. Not only does it have a smart, modern look and feel it is also long-lasting and easy to clean and maintain. Not only that, you can match it with a host of essential kitchen accessories made from the same material, such as kettles and toasters.

Assuming you are not going for the heavy industrial look, incorporating stainless steel tables, tiling and worktops, then you will need to decorate around the appliances. Here are some suggestions for the best colour schemes to go for.

• Black. Black for me always says sophistication. In the context of a kitchen around stainless steel appliances it will appear striking and very modern.

• Grey. Stainless steel already has grey undertones so this is a natural choice. Adding a splash of colour, such as a bowl of fresh fruit with red and green apples and bright oranges on a table or work surface, will really stand out.
• Cool colours. Contrasting shades of cool colours also work well with stainless steel. I am thinking blues, greens and purples here and they can be reflected in your choice of napkins and tablecloths.
• Warm colours. Warm tones always make a room cosy and inviting. You might consider reds, oranges and yellows, for example, and once again think about complimentary accessories and tableware.

So use colour to enhance the stainless steel in your kitchen and make it the vibrant hub of your home.

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