At CAL Decorators we know that small spaces can be the hardest to decorate. They can easily feel cluttered and messy, and it always feels like a struggle to make them feel bigger or get them to look right. But it is not just what furniture you put in a room that can affect how it feels, the colour you choose to paint your walls can help as well. We have put together a little round-up of ideas to help you choose the perfect colour for the small spaces in your home.


Mint Green

A mint green or a shade of teal is a classic option that pairs well with other neutral tones. Using it in a room with lighter décor can help your furniture pop, subsequently helping your room look a bit bigger. Using contrast to your advantage is the key.


Using a peach or golden blonde colour will help add warmth to your room. This embraces its size, and paired with a soft shaggy rug and a comfy sofa, you can create a really cosy space that is the ultimate area you can relax and recharge in.

Blush Pink

A slighter lighter option, this will add a similar warmth to your room as a shade of ‘peach’ would but will give it an airier feel. This will help it to feel more open and you can pair it with various shades of greys to give your room some details that pop against the lighter walls.

Dark Sapphire

You shouldn’t be afraid of choosing a darker colour when it comes to painting small rooms. In fact, some darker shades can help create an illusion of depth. Something similar to a dark sapphire or teal, would work great to mask the small size of your room and bring attention to your lovely furniture.


We will end with the classic option of beige, a colour that never goes out of style. It’s a popular choice for those who don’t want their room to be a bright white but who also don’t want anything too bold. Similar to blush pink, it can add a bit of warmth whilst still giving your room an airy feel.

These are some of our favourite options, but because the shades of colour available are endless, your choices really are limitless. If you are thinking of repainting your home and need some help, we can help with painting for both internal and external surfaces as well as other services. If you have any questions or queries, feel free to get in touch and we can see how we can help!