I am sometimes asked whether white is a good choice as a room colour.

There seems to be some confusion as I have been told it can make a room bland or even clinical.  In my opinion it is an ideal colour for creating a room that reflects the individuality of the person living in it.

The argument goes that a white room is a cold room but that needn’t be the case.  Using a shade with a well pigmented base that will play with the light can actually provide warm undertones.

Light is very important when using white.  Some whites might appear to have a yellow, pink or blue hue depending on how they react to the natural and artificial light in a room.  Amber light bulbs can be used to create a warmer feel in the evenings.

I am a great fan of Farrow & Ball paints and they offer a selection of shades of white that work well in any environment.  Their shade ‘All White’, for instance, nicely enhances contemporary spaces.

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